Milani Baked Bronzer

A finely milled face and body bronzer embellished with threads of gold shimmer.

Created with its home heritage of Milan in mind the Baked Bronzer is created on Italian terracotta tiles to provide its unique silk-like texture. Streak-free and easily blendable, the formula ensures effortless application for an easy to achieve bronzed summer glow.





How did Milani come to be the cosmetic line that we know and love today? The founders of Milani, siblings Ralph Bijou and Laurie Minc, originally owned a cosmetic company by the name Jordana. In 2002, after having been inspired by the cutting-edge fashion of the city of Milan, Italy, they chose to open another makeup brand in the same store as Jordana. They called their new franchise Milani, as a tribute to the city of its inspiration. Milani is a high-end drugstore cosmetic brand – quality makeup for a reduced price. Its popularity lies in its unique color shades that are appropriate for all skin tones, including women of color and the very fair-skinned. Similarly, their makeup is known for its rich, pigmented color and superior quality.
Shades Available

Dolce, Glow, Soleil


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