Violet Voss Matte About You Eyeshadow Palette

Featuring a stunning line up of 20 highly pigmented powders, the shadows have been formulated with the highest quality ingredients and infused with jojoba oil to allow for perfectly smooth blending. The spectrum of nude and brown shades ranges from bright, uplifting cream-coloured ‘Sweetheart’ to deep brown ‘Darling’, via coral ‘Mesmerized’ and rich burgundy ‘Passion’. Whether it’s a subtle day time finish or a bold, earthy-toned smoky eye, this palette is all you need to create exquisite eye looks.



Violet Voss

Starting out a brand that created high-impact, transformative glitter products, Violet Voss has since become known for their insta-famous eyeshadow palettes, staple false eyelashes, essential brush sets and everything in between. All about high-pigment makeup and stylish accessories that are accessible for everyone, Violet Voss is loved amongst beginners and professionals alike.


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