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Mother’s Day Gift Box


Allure by Chloé (ABC)

Allure by Chloé was founded in 2017 by Chloé Erazua with a mission to provide top-notch and high quality products to everyone at a very affordable price. Allure by Chloé is a proud COMMUNITY of professional makeup artists and enthusiasts working together to bring everyone's vision to life and make sure that we are at the forefront of TRENDSETTING. Allure by Chloé provides diversity, providing products with different styles for everyone – A style for every woman.

evita joseph

An African beauty brand with a unique focus on the woman of color. Since 2015, Evita Joseph have been researching, designing and producing world class beauty and makeup products for the woman of color. Created for the woman of color by a woman of color. Evita Joseph originally originate from Ghana. We believe beauty and confidence are defining attributes God has given every women and it is Evita Joseph’s mission to enhance them. Therefore we are not just another beauty brand focused on making and selling makeup, but a brand passionate about building the next generation of confident and beautiful women ready to play their part in making this world a better place and to be role models for generations after generations. Named after the co-founder, Evita Joseph Asare, a trained Mechanical Engineer and a strong beauty advocate, the company still maintains our initial conviction that we can engineer beauty positively to create an extraordinary woman of color confident enough to take up every stage and challenge. In every way, we believe Evita Joseph is the go-to brand for the woman who is ready for tomorrow, today.


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